"Wayne County is gaining more flexible, better trained employees, more accountability and ownership, lower rate Increases, and happier customers." Excerpted from: Critical Knowledge Management for Utility Managers the Knowledge Management Picture - Identifying Workforce Knowledge, Skills and Experience - WEFTEC 2007 Workshop
Firooz Fath-Azam, P.E. - Superintendent
Facilities Management Division
Wayne County Department of Environment
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"Recent federal guidelines require very small public water system owners to obtain the services of certified operators to oversee the production of drinking water. We are excited about getting a federal grant that allows us to assist the small business community and ensure that small systems are able to obtain training and certification for free. This program will help ensure that the citizens of Ohio are receiving safe drinking water."
Andrew Barienbrock - Environmental Supervisor
Division of Drinking and Ground Waters
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
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"The 360water training allows us the flexibility to provide customized training 24/7. This provides our operators the flexibility of doing the training when it is convenient to them and to the operation. It also provides a reference that can be revisited when necessary, and unlike a manual, it does not get misplaced or discarded when there is a shortage of space. The reference is always in the same place every time. If updates are required, the information is loaded onto the system and made available to all at the exact same time, never getting lost on a desk or slow to be shared."
Susan L. Wilson, CM - Training Program Manager
Department of Public Utilities
City of Columbus, Ohio
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