OM360 creates customized web based courseware that is sophisticated yet easy to use for an array of equipment and processes. We build a secure and unique training website for you that is accessible only by your employees. Your managers can access online training records to create reports and track the training of your employees.

OM360's technology will help you capture your institutional knowledge, transfer that knowledge to your staff, and provide you with the tools to manage your staff's training progress.

OM360's online training reduces the overall cost of training because it is available on demand without the need to travel or to hire a professional trainer. Also, our courseware preserves your training programs for future use by new hires and by any personnel who want to take refresher courses.

Customized online courseware with online testing provides your personnel with the opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency on the equipment and processes that they actually use. When your staff completes their training and passes their tests, you have established accountability in the workplace.

360water, Inc., is the parent company to OM360, and it was developed by water and wastewater industry people to solve problems involving the transfer of knowledge to plant staff. Public utilities use this service to solve one of the biggest problems in the industry: utility workforce brain drain while maintaining and operating billions of dollars in assets. OM360 offers this problem solving technology for industries beyond water and wastewater.

OM360's core capabilities include technology based services to develop customized operation and maintenance training for municipal, county, and state entities, as well as private industry.